Getting Ahead in the Workplace is a workbook of 10 facilitated sessions to help under-resourced workers build resources and gain control over their future stories for a better life at home and at work. These classes are facilitated at workplace locations or as part of a workforce development program.  The curriculum helps entry-level under resourced workers to build their resources and life stability, this in turn helps the employer by having more stable employees which equates to higher productivity and a decrease in employee turnover.​

Participants create their own success by investigating:
          The realities of conditions at home/work/community and how they impact stability
          The “hidden rules” and special language of getting ahead in the workplace
          How to build resources and relationships that open doors and help keep them open
          Practical skills for dealing with change and creating stability at work and at home
          The power of intentionally creating and following a new future story plan

We are seeking employers such as manufacturers, health systems, hospitality industry, call centers, etc. that employ entry level workers who may want to offer this program to their workforce. Typically, entry level workers need more stability in their life to help them become more productive in their workplace.  

One Body Collaboratives provides the backbone structure and support for these classes and will also track all Getting Ahead participants over the course of two years to measure the results of the program. 

In partnership with Bergstrom and Workplace Staffing we launched the first Getting Ahead in the Workplace class at Bergstrom. James Schmitt, Vice President of Human Resources at Bergstrom, said the following, “This program really helps employees on a holistic level and gives them the time, tools, and education need to move forward is a positive direction, whether it’s at Bergstrom or in the community.”

After the ten-week class, graduates from the Bergstrom program reported the following:
100% Reported an Increase in Integrity, Motivation and Mental Resources
100% Indicated Progress on the Goal Areas Set at the Beginning of the Classes
33% Stated that they had an increase in income and a decrease in debt

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Mary Cacioppi at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.